Staff Testimonials

"Walton's has a great family atmoshere. I love meeting new people from all over and making the summer an awesome time for the campers. You truly feel like you are making a difference in their lives."

Angel Ochoa - Yorba Linda, CA
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"I love being disconnected from technology at Walton's and surrounded by beautiful nature and scenery all day."

Jessie Beilby - Plainwell, MI
summer camp counselors at walton's grizzly lodge

"It's a special working envionment. I love watching shy kids come out of their shell and become more confident in who they are. Everyone is super welcoming and it's great to feel like I can be myself here."

Brandon Kuligowski - Newark, DE
working with kids at summer camp

"The camp community draws me back every summer. Everyone from the directors to the staff makes this place super welcoming and loving. I always feel like I have a place here."

Shadi Salimi - Folsom, CA
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"It is awesome to be part of activities that are specifically designed to make you laugh and to have fun. Everyone is comfortable being their silliest selves here."

Lanie Kropp - Cumerland, ME
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"Walton's gives you the freedom to be yourself, the freedom to be creative, and the opportunity to be a big influence and role model for the campers."

Cesar Urrea - Tuscon, AZ
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"I am my happiest self while at camp. As a camper, Walton's taught me about leadership, having confidence, and what it means to be a good role model. I really wanted to be a counselor so I could help provide that same experience for someone else. It's truly the best working environment and it's hard to believe that I am paid to do something this fun."

Aimee Eagle - Santa Rosa, CA
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I recently graduated from college and wanted to take a summer to reset and challenge myself in a new envioronment. I've been able to work with some amazing people. It is great to see both the staff and campers not be afraid to be silly and goofy. You don't really get to see that anywhere else."

Bryan Hayes - Clinton, MA
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