Health & Safety

We are committed to running a quality program focused on the physical and emotional health and safety of our campers and staff. The guidelines and recommendations established by the American Camp Association, the Centers for Disease Control, and our local health department, serve as the framework for our health and safety protocols.

Communicable Disease: We rely on parents to ensure campers are healthy before they travel to camp. There are many contagious illnesses including COVID, strep throat, flu, Norovirus, and others that we want to keep out of our camp community. Please do not send your child to camp if they are feeling ill, have a fever, present with flu-like symptoms, and/or have been exposed to someone who is ill. Upon arrival to camp, our healthcare staff will conduct a screening which includes a temperature check, exposure questions and head lice inspection.

Vaccination: Immunizations required for CA schools are also required for camp attendance. In addition, COVID-19 and Flu vaccinations are recommended.

Health Services: Healthcare staff are readily available for camper and staff health needs. If your camper spends the night in our Health Center, we will contact you the following day with an update. If your child is ill at camp, you may be required to pick-up them up. Parents must have an emergency contact who is within 8 hours from camp.

Strategies to Prevent Illness at Camp: We promote handwashing regularly and provide hand sanitizer prior to each meal. We also teach and reinforce covering coughs and sneezes to help keep individuals from spreading infectious diseases. Campers and staff who are ill and unable to participate in daily activities, will be evaluated in the Camp Health Center and treated appropriately.

Cancellation Policy

If your child does not attend, arrives late or departs early due to illness, injury, quarantine, parent concerns, or for any other reason, no refund or credit will be given. Program Protector tuition insurance is available during online enrollment. If you have questions about Program Protector, please call Customer Service for Program Protector (833-297-2258). Walton’s Grizzly Lodge is not affiliated with Program Protector other than providing this insurance option.

Please see our full cancellation policy outlined on the Dates and Rates page.