Special Events & Out of Camp Trips

Special Events

Over the course of the summer, Walton’s holds a number of large-scale Special Events during our two week sessions. These events include our 4th of July Carnival, Track Meet, Song Contest, Water Carnival, Scavenger Hunt, Beach Games and Circuit Relay.

Each two week session we host an all camp dance with its own theme. Campers are encouraged to bring one, small, silly costume item such as a hat, glasses, or fun shirt. Our camp dances focus on fun and friendship in a no pressure environment. Many campers never want to leave the dance floor, while others enjoy watching all of the dance moves or playing a Rec Game with friends.

To make sure no two days at Walton’s are the same, a number of other Special Events occur during each session. These include Wrestling Tournaments, Dinner Socials, Movie Night, the Tour de Grizz boat race and our Talent Show.

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Out of Camp Trips

During our two week sessions campers have the opportunity to go on an out of camp trip with their group. Depending on the age of the camper, the campout may be as close as across our lake, or a backpacking excursion into the Plumas National Forest. With trained staff to supervise, campers experience the outdoors up close. For many campers our out of camp trips open up a whole new world.

The Sierra Buttes, Mount Elwell and Eureka Peak are three mountains campers may have the opportunity to hike during our two week sessions. After a short drive, the group hikes several miles to the top of the peak. When they reach the top, campers have lunch and take in the view. On some hikes, snow can be found at the summit year round. Our younger campers may choose to hike to a nearby peak with a 360 degree view, known as The Bald Spot.

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”  ― Henry David Thoreau

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