Handbook and Camp Forms

Handbook and Packing List

The handbook, packing list and camp forms are available online.

Log in to your account and go the the Forms Dashboard to view and complete all forms.

Medical and Release Forms

Medical and Release Forms are due June 1st.

From your account, you will complete the Health History form. This information needs to be updated each summer. The Physician’s Examination will need to be printed and completed by your doctor and either uploaded or faxed back. Detailed instructions, along with the status of your forms, can be found on the Forms Dashboard page of your account.

Bunk Request Form

This optional form is due no later than two weeks prior to camp attendance.

If you would like to request another camper to share a cabin with your child, complete the Bunk Request Form from your account. Only the first name listed will be considered. Requests are not carried over from previous summers. The campers must be close in age and the requests must be mutual.