We love all of our camp sessions at Walton’s Grizzly Lodge, but Session 6 does hold an extra special place in our hearts. 2019 marked the 20th summer of Session 6 at Walton’s.

Session 6 is our final week of the summer at camp. Many first year Walton’s campers attend this week long session each summer. During most of our sessions about one in three of our campers are new to Walton’s. During Session 6 the majority of our campers are first year Walton’s campers. It puts a smile on our faces seeing these campers experience the magic of camp for the first time. For them each day is new and we love watching them discover what Walton’s is all about. Each summer we are also fortunate to have many of our veteran staff members who are not able to be with us for the entire summer return to camp to help during Session 6. Their excitement and energy to be at camp for the week is contagious with campers and staff members.

While camp Special Events are limited during our one week sessions, we do pull out all the stops with our final Dinner Social of the summer. As you can see from the above post dinner photo, the participation and enthusiasm for this event is at a fever pitch. Our final campfire of the summer on Friday evening of Session 6 is always a memorable night of fun, songs and entertainment that is capped off with our final group staff photo and then our final Closing Song of the summer.

In Session 6 some of our specialist and Leadership Team Members take over as group counselors for the week. These staff members love stepping back in time into the counselor role and campers love having these camp legends as their counselors. Session 6 campers are also treated to a few things that typically do not happen the rest of the summer. The Cubs and the Polars (see above photo, if you look closely you can see the bios for Colby and Cesar) might share a cabin. Special Bug Juice flavors are served. A “Free For All” at Gold Panning and Archaeology will break out. The structure of the week is very similar, but the energy, the general camp wackiness and the sense of this is our last week at camp, let’s give it everything we have takes on a little different feel for those lucky enough to spend Session 6 with us.

Many schools are back in session when Session 6 rolls around. For those fortunate enough to have a later school start date, Session 6 is the perfect way for campers to spend a week at Walton’s before embarking on a new school year. Currently we have openings for both boys and girls in Session 6 for the Summer of 2020.