Last week Paul, Julie and Andy traveled to southern California to take part in the 68th annual WAIC (Western Association of Independent Camps) Conference. WAIC consist of independent day camps and residential summer camps from California and throughout the western United States. Camps that are members of WAIC are also accredited through the ACA (American Camp Association.)

Old camp friends were reunited, new camp friends were made and camp ideas were shared. As with each WAIC Conference, some of these ideas will make their way into Walton’s next summer or a summer down the road. Walton’s Grizzly Lodge has been a member of WAIC since the days of Mom and Pop Walton. We continue to value the community and open sharing of ideas that WAIC provides its members.

As with anything we do camp wise, some exta fun had to be worked into the experience. Andy had never been to Disneyland. On a whim one night Julie and Paul decided they had to take him. They only had about four hours in the park but were able to go on the Pirates of the Carribean (first ride of course), Splash Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, The Matterhorn, Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain before the park closed.

We won’t be installing a Matterhorn at camp for next summer, but we may have a new activity, meal, campfire song and/or camper recognition idea that we picked up from being at this years WAIC Conference.