Thank you to all who have reached out to us over the last several days. It is always great hearing from campers, families, staff members and alumni. During this time it means even more. We have enjoyed the many camp memories and stories that have been shared with us.

The following was shared by Gregory Wexler who was a camper with us in 1971.

“Hi Waltons Grizzly Lodge –

I have many fond memories of Walton’s… was there July/August of 1971!

Lets see I’m 58 now.. at that time I was… 9 years old!  LOL!

I remember just having finished school one day and my Mom and Dad suggested they would be sending me to camp for a few weeks during the summer.  I really didn’t want to go and wanted to hang out with my friends. But they were insistent and suggested it would be a good change of scenery!

After a few months, that faithful day arrived….

When I arrived on the camp grounds, everything was … well, different. I believe there was a day or two of orientation and eventually got settled in and made a few friends. The counselors were outstanding – helpful – friendly. After a few days, I started warming up to this ‘camp’ thing. I had been to a few others locally in Los Angeles, but nothing like Waltons Grizzly Lodge! After a few days, you couldn’t pull me away! Archery, Hiking, Riding, and the Lake! And of course, Buddy Day! That was the best!! My buddy’s name was… get this…. Buddy (I don’t recall his last name) I lost touch with him – a great friend. We competed well at Buddy Day against other kids and (*proudly*) we received most of the 1st Place Awards – we were a team!! Truly an amazing time – connecting with others and learning lots of great skills! All the races, the competition, the fun! Fantastic experience!

When I came back home – I couldn’t stop taking about WGL and the friends I made, and the fun things I did. I took home a lot of awards, too, which I’ve kept ever since in my scrap book! I have fond memories of the people, the grounds, the lake, great weather.

Camp truly shaped me as an individual beyond my expectations – thank you!

Wishing you well during this pandemic and cheers to the camp – it was a wonderful experience as a kid! And to think, I remember telling my parents I wanted to stay home for the summer!  LOL.

Warm regards to you and the Walton Grizzly Lodge family,


Buddy Day is one of our oldest camp Special Events. Like camp itself, Buddy Day will come back even stronger in the Summer of 2021. Included here are a few of the awards that Gregory earned that summer.

If anyone knows where Gregory’s  “Buddy Day Buddy” Buddy is let us know so we can put them in touch with each other. Buddy, if you are out there we would love to hear from you!