On Sunday our family gathered for stories, a final goodbye and to dedicate a new swinging bench in the memory of Joe Stein.

After taking a ride around camp in our 1962 Scout we arrived at Fisherman’s Point where Bob told the story and history of “The Scout.” In 1965 Bob and Denise were married and moved to Truckee where they had been hired as school teachers. In need of a 4wheel drive vehicle Bob and Pop Walton went looking for a one in Reno. They found the Scout at a wrecking yard in Reno, where it had ended up after being used by Pacific Bell for the first few years of its life, and purchased it. Bob and Denise drove the Scout for several years and remember driving it to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a ski trip. In 1969 they sold the Scout to Joe to help pay for the birth of their son Adam. From that time until the early 1990’s the Scout stayed on camp property where it was used as a “camp car.” In the early 90’s as a newly licensed driver Jared thought the Scout would be a fun car to drive to school. We had the Scout towed to Auburn, put a little TLC into it to get it back to being street legal, and Jared had himself one of the coolest cars in the high school parking lot. After high school graduation the Scout made its way back to Walton’s where it has spent the last 25 years. Almost 60 years old now the Scout can still be seen driving around camp from time to time during the summer.

Denise then shared some stories from a book that was put together from those who passed along their memories of Joe after he passed away last Novemeber. A story from Terry Grim from the time when he was a CILT at Walton’s back in the early 1980’s was especially touching as he shared the simple interactions and conversations he had with Joe that left an impact with him and captured the essence of who Joe was.

As were Joe’s wishes, family members then each spread ashes into the lake off of Fisherman’s Point. For his 96 years Joe played a big role the history, culture and success of Walton’s Grizzly Lodge. We take his memory with us and know he is watching over us.

To conclude our tribute to Joe we dedicated the new swinging bench at Fisherman’s Point in his memory. Joe was an avid fisherman who spent a lot of time fishing from the Point. Joe did not like to eat fish, but as was his way, he loved to catch them for others to enjoy. We look forward to campers and staff enjoying a relaxing, reflective swing at Fisherman’s Point for years to come.