Summer 2024 Orientation

If you missed the 2024 Parent Orientation webinar on May 22, a recording is now available on our YouTube channel. You can access the video here.

Below is the Chat during the presentation.

6:09 PM Julie Walton:
Welcome everyone. We will get started at 6:30.

Is the meeting being recorded?
6:41 PM adam:
We are recording and will post.
6:41 PM Rey & Ned Rios:
are bathrooms equiped with shampoo, blow dryers
6:41 PM Rey & Ned Rios:
Do all cabins have private baths or only some?
6:41 PM adam:
We do not provide shampoo or blow dryers.
6:42 PM adam:
All of our cabins have private bathrooms.
6:42 PM Renee Nichol:
do some activities fill up before everyone who’s interested can sign up? how do you handle that scenario?
6:43 PM adam:
If activities are popular we offer them more often and choose campers who have not yet gone to that activity.
Any ceiling fans in cabins?
6:46 PM adam:
We do not have ceiling fans in the cabins. We have standing fans and the ability to turn on cooling if it is especially hot.
6:47 PM Dean Borst:
Are you allowed to bring an electronic book (kindle) thats only purpose is reading books, instead of a regular book?
6:47 PM adam:
We do not allow electronic books at camp.
6:48 PM Lisa:
do you have ac?
6:48 PM adam:
Our cabins are equipped with AC.
6:50 PM Renee Nichol:
does laundry get done at any point in the session? :)
6:51 PM adam:
We do not provide laundry for campers.
6:51 PM Dean Borst:
Is their a average amount of campers per activity?
6:52 PM Dean Borst:
if so what is it
6:52 PM adam:
Typically our activities are for 8-10 campers at a time. Some of our larger field game activities can take up to 20.
6:53 PM Christine:
do you recommend that they bring their one of a kind beloved stuffy? One that would be lead to much sadness if lost?
6:57 PM adam:
If a camper must have their one of a kind stuffy you may decide to send it. If they are ok with “one” of their favorites you may want to send that one.
6:59 PM Rachel Fowler:
What is the timing for arrival day?
7:00 PM Chantelle:
For kids that wear glasses, should we give you their extra pair of glasses at Station #2 for safe-keeping too? Or have them hold on to those?
7:00 PM Rey & Ned Rios:
When do you know your cabin assigment?
7:00 PM adam:
Our arrival window on opening day is between 1:00-3:30pm.
7:02 PM adam:
Talk with our nurses at drop off about what is best for a camper and their second pair of glasses.
7:02 PM adam:
Campers will be informed of their cabin group during check in.
7:03 PM Renee Nichol:
can we use packing cubes in their duffel bags? as in, will they be able to use those to keep things organized in their shelves after their duffels are stored?
7:04 PM adam:
You may use packing cubes if you like.
7:05 PM Dean Borst:
Can you do the same activity more than once?
Do you send activity requests ahead of camp or kids will make the request once they are all checked in?
7:06 PM adam:
Depending on the popularity of an activity, campers may be able to try an activity more than once. Especially if they are attending a 2 week session.
7:06 PM Steve:
will we be notified if our kid gets injured or sick?
7:07 PM adam:
Campers will make their activity request once they are at camp.
7:07 PM Lisa:
how many campers in a cabin?
7:07 PM adam:
Yes, if a camper is sick or injured parents will be notified.
7:08 PM adam:
Our cabins house between 8 and 24 campers.
7:09 PM Steve:
do kids wear life jackets in the lake
7:09 PM Nava:
is there a camp counselor sleeping in each cabin?
7:09 PM adam:
Yes, our counselors sleep in the cabins.
7:10 PM Lisa:
how many couselors per child ratio?
7:11 PM adam:
Counselor camper ratio is approximately 1:5
7:19 PM william cobert:
how bad are the bugs?
7:22 PM adam:
There are mosquitos. bug spray is key!
7:24 PM Heather:
Does the clinic have tylenol or ibuprofen should it be needed? Or do we need to provide general pain relief type meds?
7:24 PM adam:
We have tylenol and ibuprofren on site.
7:25 PM Nava:
what about bug spray? we pack it or you provide?
7:26 PM Renee Nichol:
i think i read somewhere that the kids get to have a sleep out under the stars during their session – is that true? (sounds amazing)
7:26 PM adam:
Pack bug spray. We have available at camp if needed as well.
7:27 PM adam:
During our 2 week sessions there are opportunities to sleep outside.
7:27 PM Lisa:
so the overnight is optional?
7:28 PM adam:
Yes, campers wear life jackets while on the Lake.
7:28 PM Brandon Siri:
Do they need a flashlight with batteries or can they use a rechargeable one?
7:28 PM Amy S.:
Do you recommend care packages?
7:29 PM adam:
Our offsite overnights are optional.
7:29 PM Tammy Ackerman:
Are there lifeguards on the lake?
7:29 PM Enzo:
do you have a ropes course?
7:29 PM adam:
We do not allow care packages.
7:29 PM Wendy :
my daughter is coming alone without a friend – do you ensure she is not in a cabin with kids that all have a friend with them?
7:30 PM adam:
Campers may bring a flashlight, but not required. Lots of lighting around camp.
7:30 PM adam:
Yes, certified Life Guards are on the lake.
7:31 PM Baron Block:
Good question, Wendy. Our son is also coming on his own (his first time at Walton Grizzly’s) – would prefer he is not in cabin with friend pairs
7:31 PM adam:
Our cabins will be made up of a mix of campers, not all one friend group.
7:32 PM Lisa:
can you give a rough estimate of times of meals
7:32 PM Tammy Ackerman:
Are bug repellant stickers on clothes ok in addition to bug spray?
7:32 PM adam:
Meals typically run from 30-45 minutes.
7:32 PM Rey & Ned Rios:
what time do campers need to get up in the morning? how many hours per day do they have unstructured time?
7:34 PM adam:
The wake up bell is 7:30am on most days. Some unstructured time each day.
7:34 PM adam:
Bug repellent stickers are ok to bring to camp.
7:35 PM Mathilde:
do you have life jackets available for campers that aren’t as comfortable in the water?
7:35 PM Lisa:
what time are the meals served
7:35 PM iPhone:
This is great and so helpful. Thank you! You are all professionals and I’m so excited for my boys to experience your amazing camp.
7:35 PM adam:
Campers wear life jackets at our lake activities.
7:36 PM Chantelle:
Excellent presentation and overview, thank you! We’re all excited!
7:36 PM adam:
Breakfast begins at 7:45, lunch at 12:25 and dinner at 5:25
7:38 PM Baron Block:
thank you so much for this info session! really helpful!
7:45 PM Mathilde:
Thank you! See you at camp!
7:46 PM Laura:
it is so fun
7:46 PM Sia:
Thank you!!!
7:46 PM Lucia Lagos Amoroso:
what about horseback riding
7:47 PM Wendy :
what time do the kids go to bed?
7:47 PM Steve:
Thanks so much – very informative! We are all very excited!!
7:47 PM adam:
We go to the Graeagle Stables for horseback riding.
7:48 PM adam:
Bedtime is typically between 9-9:30pm
7:54 PM Nicole:
thanks Julie! This was great :D
7:56 PM Sarah:
There are 8-25 per cabin but is that how many kids are in a group? Or are there multiple groups in the cabin?
7:57 PM adam:
Each group has 8-9 campers. Our larger cabins have multiple groups in the cabin.