Thank you Walton’s camper Sadie Almgren for sharing some of the photos you took while at camp during the Summer of 2018.

Sadie passed along a number of photos she took last summer at camp along with a note she wrote to us about her photography. A few of the photos Sadie took are included here.

We encourage campers to bring a single use camera to camp to capture some of their experiences and memories of camp. For the Summer of 2019 we will be adding adding Pinhole Cameras to our photography program.

Howdy Waltons!

I am Sadie, I was a camper this summer: sessions 3 and 4; I was a Hi Kodiak then a Senior Girl. I brought my film camera to camp and took a lot of photos, and I have just recently finished developing all my photos and getting my negatives scanned. After seeing @wglsummercamp’s recent Instagram post, I realized that I should share my pictures from my amazing summer with y’all! I took these pictures on 35mm film and developed them myself, there is a mix of color (Kodak Ultramax) and black and white (Ilford HP5 plus). I took most of these pictures on the out of camp trips or the all-day hikes. I hope you enjoy this collection of photos from my super great experience at camp this year! I can’t wait to come back as a session 4 CILT in 2019!