During the summer of 2017, Walton’s camper Owen Kay let us know that he had a suggestion for camp. His suggestion; “we should have a Suggestion Box.” We thought it was a great idea. The next day, Owen presented the Suggestion Box he made at Woodworking that day to camp. The suggestions began pouring in. Activity ideas, meal ideas and things that we had not thought of (thinking outside of the box and then put into the box you could say). While we were not able to incorporate all of the suggestions presented, many have made their way into camp life.

Last summer, upon returning to camp Owen put a fresh coat of paint on the Suggestion Box and made a few other improvements to it. We are not sure if this was a suggestion found in th box, or if Owen just felt it needed a little TLC. In any event, the box looked even better and even more suggestions were coming in. There was even a suggestion that we should build another Suggestion Box to hold all of the suggestions that were being stuffed into it. Had we outgrown our original Suggestion Box, was it time to expand?

Well, Owen is coming back to Walton’s this year for his 4th summer. His brother Jack is returning for his 2nd summer with us. What will Owen think of next? We are not sure, but we suggest you stay tuned.

Thank you Owen for having an idea, taking the initiative to see it through to completion and taking pride in your work!