It was wonderful seeing many of our staff members from the Summer of 2017 in Chico over the holiday weekend for our annual staff reunion and yearbook party. We reminnessed about last summer, laughed and reconnected with each other. Many of those who attended will be coming back to Walton’s for the Summer 2018. Each Friday we will be posting to our Facebook page staff members who will be at Walton’s this summer. Along with the many returning staff members we have rehired we are excited for the new counseors we have hired to work with us in 2018. Some are former campers and some will be coming to Walton’s Grizzly Lodge for the first time. In March will begin introducing our first year counselors on our Facebook page. Although it is only February, we are preparing and excited for summer to arrive. The official date of our get together in Chico was February 17th. The official date that our first group of campers arrive is June 17th. Camp starts in less than four months!