Today marks the first official day of spring. It also means we are in the midst of Spring Break season.

Typically, students flock to sunny warm locations for their Spring Break, but not always. Walton’s counselors Jake Kahn and Georgia Walton decided to leave California on their respective Spring Breaks and join staff members Mara McDonough, Ella Walton, Josh Goldberg and Lanie Kropp in Waterville, Maine. That’s right, Spring Break in Maine. Maine is up and coming, but probably not going to become the next Spring Break hot spot. Hard to become a hot spot when it is so darned cold.

Besides being Walton’s staff members, Mara, Ella, Josh and Lanie are all 3rd year students at Colby University, located in the heart of Maine. Apparently Jake and Georgia had no better offers for their much needed break from the drudgery of their own studies, so they hopped a plane and made the trip to Maine to visit their camp friends who are waiting for a winter thaw before embarking on their own Spring Break trip.

While in Maine they did what any good college student would do when visiting friends, they sat in on their friends classes. Ella and Josh are enrolled in a “Democracy Assistance” course together. Jake and Georgia could not wait for Monday morning to roll around so they could tag along with their buddies to class. Word is, that thanks to some heavy lifting from Jake and Georgia our democracy had a little more assistance on that day. Good job kids!

It wasn’t all classes and studying for the six pals. They also rooted on Josh at his ultimate frisbee tournament, where multiple reports have confirmed that he was quite the dominating player. Some stood and cheered and chanted for Josh and the gritty Colby squad. Jake chose to sit in the bleachers where he enjoyed a meatball sandwich and complained about the cold. Jake, what did you expect, you are in Maine in mid March!

From all accounts Jake and Georgia enjoyed their time in Maine and left the Pine Tree State with fond memories and a reminder that camp friends really are the best friends.

Happy Spring everyone!