Last week, 6th grade students from Sierra Expeditionary Learning School spent three transformational days at camp. Jared and Erica’s children attend the Expeditionary Learning school in Truckee, where experiential learning and character education are paramount. Students were led by their teachers through team building challenges at the Low Ropes and Vertical Playpen. They also participated in a challenge by choice experience on the Log Walk. Many Walton’s campers can relate to how amazing those opportunities are for growing as an individual and as part of a team!

The Teddy and Panda cabins were used as a boy’s and girl’s dorm to house the group. Students pitched in to cook for their crew in the kitchen and loved using the dishwasher. Fisher was glad to have kids around camp again. He misses his camper filled summer days. After a fun educational day, the group ended their evenings with a campfire by the stars complete with skits and songs.

An integral component of SELS curriculum is service and being part of a community.  In that spirit, students gave back to camp by improving trails and helping to move woodchips to the Low Ropes area. As a family we are glad to be able to provide this wonderful experience for SELS students, staff and families.

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