Many campers and their families will pass through the small town of Sattley on their way to and from Walton’s Grizzly Lodge this summer.

As you make the turn onto Westside Road (County Road A23) you will notice the Sattley Cash Store. We are pleased to report that the store will be open all summer. Snacks, cold drinks, ice cream and antiques can be found inside. The store is also home to Country Class Collectibles, selling stained glass, jewelry, pyrography and metal art. Super friendly owners Marjorie Voorhees and Scott Perry will be there to greet you and are excited to share the history about the historic Sattley Cash Store and show you around.

As you step inside the store you will be taken back in time as you walk on the original wood floors and begin to feel the history of a building that was constucted nearly 150 years ago. Notice the black and white photo that accompanies this story. The photo was taken in the early 1900’s when the store was owned and operated by G.M. Swigard and went by the name of “G.M. Swigard General Merchandise.” Inside one of the first things you will see is a large well preserved sign for Kabo Corsets, sold by G.M. Swigard. Behind the photo of Scott and Marjorie are the actual PO Boxes Sattley residents used long ago as well as an old safe. As you are leaving the store if you look above the door you will see a painting of the Sattley Cash Store painted by Joe Stein that he donated to the store in 2014.

Sattley was originally named Church’s Corner after the Church family. At the time, a member of the Church family lived on each corner of the intersection. The families who first settled in what is now Sattley came west from Maine and Nova Scotia. One particular resident, so the story goes, started a ranch in the area. He wanted his sweatheart, who was living in Maine to come out and be his wife. She was used to city life and wrote to him that it was too far from stores and churches and that she wouldn’t be happy there. He wrote to her that he could see four “churches’ from his ranch. This convinced her to move west. After she arrived in Church’s Corner she knew she had been tricked. It had been a long trip, she loved him very much and they did end up getting married.

Like the town of Sattley, the Sattley Cash Store has a long rich history. Bulit in the early 1870’s, the store was originally the home of the Ezra Church family. It was also used as a mercantile to furnish goods and services to Sierra Valley ranches, gold prospectors and other emigrants coming to the area. In 1884 a Post Office was added with the construction of an addition to the building. The name Church’s Corner was already in use by another town. Before the Post Office could open the town had to choose a new name. The name was officially changed to Sattley in honor of the maiden name of resident Harriet (Sattley) Church who was the eldest daughter in law in the Church family living in the area. Ezra Church was the first Postmaster of Sattley. During his time as owner of the store Swigard was also the postmaster. The Sattley Post Office remained in operation until 1979.

So the next time you are driving through Sattley, take a few minutes to stop by the Cash Store. Enjoy a cold refreshment, check out interesting artwork and take a step back in time. You will be happy you did.