Patrick Garcia turns 50 years old today. We would like to wish him a very happy birthday.

Patrick has worked at Walton’s for over 30 years, most of those as a year round employee. He was also a camper with us for a few summers back in the early 1980’s. As our head groundskeeper Patrick has many roles at camp. His pride and joy is making sure our lawns are prepared for the summer, are in pristine condition during the summer and then are readied for their dormant season each fall. Over the last 30 years camp has transformed from having a few lawns, some of which were known to have a few brown spots, to having many new and thriving lawn areas. Patrick’s expertise and attention to detail has allowed them to thrive. Rarely is a brown spot found, and if it is, Patrick is quick to green it back up. Usually before anyone else notices. As Patrick is quick to point out, we have added a lot of new lawn areas over the years that need watering, but all of that water is pumped and recycled from our lake.

Besides making sure our lawns look great, Patrick is repsonsible for the overall appearance of camp. Pine needles are raked in the spring. That is a lot of raking! Wood is cut, brush is burned, structures are built, decks are stained, our Lodge floor is cared for, trips to town and Reno are made to pick up necessary camp items. There is a lot to do. Much of it behind the scenes. All important to help camp run smoothly.

Patrick is super busy with work during the summer, but on special occasions he will make an appearance at campfire. Whether he is judging a Song Contest or called up on stage, when “Garcia” is at campfire it is usually a memorable night. Your eys are not deceiving you, that is nacho cheese sauce being poured over his head in the above photo. Patrick is always a good sport and the crowd loves it.

So happy 50th birthday Patrick and thank you for all the hard work you put in to make camp look great. You make Walton’s a better place for all of us with your presence, your dedication, your camp spirit and your love of chicken patties.