Below are the thoughts about camp from fourth year Walton’s camper to be Cooper Neumann. Cooper is a second session camper with us who was a Lo Polar last summer with Cesar and Dylan Beadle. Cooper is in the back row of the Lo Polar group photo wearing the USA t-shirt.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Cooper! We would love to post the thoughts about camp from other current or former Walton’s campers and staff members. Please pass along to us and we will include in our “Latest News” section.

“Walton’s Grizzly Lodge is special to me because every year I come back and get in the groove like I never left the year before. One of the things I like about Walton’s is that they have so many activities. My two favorites are wakeboarding and high elements. This summer is going to be my fourth year. I attend Session 2. I think Session 2 is the best session because it has the most events… The Fourth of July Carnival, Wrestling Night and Dance Night. My favorite out of all of those is the Fourth of July Carnival because you get to choose your booth. To me I think Walton’s Grizzly Lodge is the best summer camp because of those reasons.” -Cooper Neumann