Big Mable and the Portholes took the stage last Thursday night to a standing room only crowd at The Pour House in Grass Valley. As is her habit, Big Mable didn’t make the show but Andy, Paul and Adam along with WGL staff alumnus Mike Whittle were there to lead the band through two sets of sea shanties and sing alongs, including a few Walton’s campfire favorites. Former Walton’s staff member Kyle Porter who recorded, edited and mixed five Walton’s campfire CDs between the summers of 1995 and 2007 was on hand and provided sound for the band.

The crowd included many current and former Walton’s Grizzly Lodge staff members. Jill, Jen, KJ and Jack came up from Chico. Jill helped the band bring home a crowd pleasing rendition of “Rattlin Bog.” Katherine Benedict and Mara Havard stopped in from their homes in Grass Valley. Collin Codega made the drive from the Bay Area. Not that long ago staff members Kirsten Dees along with Lee and Robin Black called on baby sitters to watch their young kids so they could attend the show. Long ago staff members Terry and Gia Grim, Delphi Whittle, Garen Gouveia and Jill and Jason Auld stayed up past their bedtime to be there. Bob and Denise Stein stayed up way past their bedtime to see the band perform. Longtime Big Mable and the Portholes fans Cortney, Riley and Julie Walton were also in attendance and got up on the stage to help the boys with vocals and dancing as they performed the song “Brandy.”

The band was excited that many Grass Valley locals came out for the show. Having so many of our Walton’s camp family in the crowd made the night all that much more special.