arts and crafts at camp
making something for Mom at summer camp
California summer camp, Walton's Grizzly Lodge

Arts and Crafts


In ceramics, campers create works of art from clay by handbuilding or working on the wheel. We fire their projects in our kiln and then campers may glaze their work.

ceramics at summer camp


At crafts, counselors bring their talents and experience to teach campers how to make beaded jewelry, stationary, address books, candles, classic camp tie-dyes and other interesting projects.

arts and crafts activities at camp

Etched Glass

Etched glass is a great place to make a gift for someone special. Campers create a work of art by etching designs into glass.

making arts and crafts for mom at summer camp


Lanyards offers campers the chance to relax with their friends and make key chains, bracelets or anklets.

arts and crafts at California summer camp


Campers take pictures and develop them in our dark room. They learn to use the enlarger and become familiar with the developing and printing process.

taking photos at summer camp for kids


Weaving is one of our most popular activities. Campers enjoy relaxing while making friendship bracelets in the cool of our gazebo overlooking the lake.

weaving at the gazebo at summer camp