Many campers enjoy relaxing on the lake in the afternoon or evening in a rowboat, canoe, pedal boat or kayak. While in a boat, campers often have the chance to watch beaver, geese and the occasional camp dog enjoying themselves in the water. Campers may also fish from a rowboat.


You need not be an experienced sailor to sail at Walton’s. After a lesson from experienced staff, campers are ready to sail our two person boats.

Over the course of a camp session campers can expect many different types of wind. Some days are ideal for beginners to learn, while others offer strong enough gusts to excite the most experienced sailor.

stand up paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddle Board

Before taking to the water campers are taught the basics on land by trained instructors. With a little practice campers are ready to try their new skills on the lake.


On hot summer days campers enjoy cooling off in our swim area. Campers can swim, build sand castles, paddle around in our Fun Yaks or Corcls, take a plunge off the diving board or just relax on the beach.

water trampoline on our lake

Water Trampoline

One of our most popular water activities is the Water Trampoline. Campers enjoy bouncing on the tramp and then cooling off in the water.

Walton's Grizzly Lodge overnight summer camp


In the morning campers may choose to waterski or wakeboard on our private lake. Our trained instructors work with all levels of skiers and wakeboarders. Walton’s has an ideal lake for beginners to learn how to ski or board.


Our newest camp waterfront activity is our 130 foot water slide. It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s a great way to get wet on a hot summer day!