Ropes Course

ropes course at camp grizzly lodge

Flying Kiwi

The Flying Kiwi is a group activity in our High Elements course for our older campers. Each group member is pulled by the rest of their cabin group into the air. The Flying Kiwi is a thrilling experience that offers a great overhead view of our lake.

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High Elements

The High Elements are a series of Challenge Course activities including the Vertical Playpen, Swing, Burma Bridge and 500 foot Zip Line across the lake. These activities are designed to challenge campers and build self-esteem. Campers are led through these challenges by our trained instructors. Many of our campers say the High Element activities are one of the most exciting and memorable experiences they have while at Walton’s.

ropes course activities at Walton's

Log Walk

After climbing 25 feet up a tree to a platform, campers find a log suspended between two trees which they attempt to walk across. The task is easier said than done, and every camper feels a sense of accomplishment after crossing the log and then being belayed to the ground by a trained instructor.

team building activities at grizzly lodge

Low Elements

Our Low Elements Challenge Course is used as a team building experience for our staff and cabin groups. Campers work together to problem solve both mental and physical challenges and learn to value the contributions of each member of the group.