younger campers shoot air rifles at camp

Air Rifle

Campers under the age of 11 may choose to learn rifle skills at our Air Rifle Range. Here they learn to handle and respect a rifle and can earn awards for their marksmanship.

archery at camp in california


Archery is a classic camp activity. Campers learn valuable shooting skills and have the opportunity to earn awards.

Boy shooting a sling shot at outdoor camp


After a short walk around our lake, campers enjoy the challenge of shooting at various targets at our Slingshot Range. Tin cans, vintage metal signs and old cow bells make for excellent targets! Many of these targets make a sound that can be heard throughout camp.

learning rifle skills at grizzly lodge

.22 Rifle

.22’s is one of our oldest and most popular camp activities and is available for campers 11 years and older who complete our Gun Safety activity. Under close supervision, campers are first taught gun safety and then shooting skills. Campers can earn awards for their marksmanship.