On most nights we gather under the stars for a lively, fun-filled campfire featuring, skits, songs and entertainment for everyone.

Each camper has the opportunity to perform with their group during campfire. Additional opportunities to perform are available for campers who choose drama or dance activities during the day. Often times, these groups will prepare something for that evening’s campfire.

Opening campfire of each session is dedicated to our Bear Claw Ceremony. This decades long tradition begins with each group at their own small campfire on the beach where they spend time getting to know each other. All of the groups then join the large campfire, symbolizing our coming together for the session to hear the story of the Bear Claw Ceremony.

Our last campfire of the session includes camper recognitions and a special closing ahead of our Farewell Gatherings in the cabins. Many special memories are made around the Walton’s Grizzly Lodge campfire.