Summer 2021 COVID-19 Updates

We are committed to running a quality program focused on the physical and emotional health of our campers. While the risk of contracting COVID cannot be eliminated, the guidelines established by the American Camp Association, the Centers for Disease Control and the state of California will serve as the framework for our COVID safety protocols this summer. Our local health department has also been a welcome partner in our preparation.

Walton’s Grizzly Lodge is well suited for most of the current recommendations. The vast majority of our time is spent outside, and we emphasize health and hygiene at camp including regular hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing. As the situation evolves, we will assess and adjust as needed. Some activities and events may be altered based on current health recommendations.

Based on the current conditions we anticipate the following protocols and policies for Summer 2021. Further changes may be necessary as additional state and county guidelines are provided.

(Updated 6/17/21)

Transportation: Campers will arrive by private vehicle. Transportation will not be provided to and from the Reno airport.

Opening Day: Drop-off procedures will be modified to minimize contact time with families including a drive-through format to meet and screen campers at the vehicle.

Program: To limit outside interaction, the horseback riding program will be paused for 2021. Overnight campout opportunities will be provided on site during two-week sessions..

Camper In Leadership Training (CILT) Program: The program will focus on the leadership aspects including assisting in the cabins, at meals and activities. Evening Staff House time and the CILT Day Out will not be part of the program for 2021.

Dining: We are creating an outdoor dining area for Summer 2021. Dining location will be based on current guidelines and may be in the Lodge, outside or a combination.

Households: Camper groups are housed in cabins. Cabins house 1 – 3 groups depending on the size of the building. Cabins will serve as camper “households.” Camper groups may sleep in cabins, outside or a combination of inside and outside, depending on guidelines ahead of each session.

Masks: Un-vaccinated campers will wear masks around campers from other cabins when they are unable to maintain physical distance. Campers do not need to wear masks in their cabin, at their dining table, while swimming and when they are participating in activities with only their cabin group. Fully vaccinated campers (two weeks or more past the second dose) do not need to wear masks while at camp.

Bunk Requests: We will continue to accept bunk requests for pairs only. We appreciate your support.

Pre-camp Surveillance and Testing: Staff, families and campers agree to participate in low-risk activities in the 14-days prior to arrival at camp. Campers will be required to document health status daily, observing for COVID-19 symptoms during this period. Campers and their families agree to avoid participating in social gatherings and activities where exposure to others outside their household may pose an elevated-risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2. If COVID-19 symptoms develop during this time, camp participants must notify camp prior to arrival.

Two negative COVID-19 PCR test results must be presented upon arrival at camp. The first test must be taken within 3-5 days prior to the start of the camper’s session and the second test is required to be taken and resulted on arrival day. The cost of both tests will be the responsibility of the family. Testing is not required for fully vaccinated (2 weeks after final dose) campers and staff.

Health Services: Camp healthcare staff will conduct daily screenings to assess campers and staff for illness. CDC guidance for isolation and quarantine of sick staff and campers and those with exposure or suspected or confirmed COVID infection, will be followed. Parents should be prepared to pick up their child from camp in the case a camper is unable to remain at camp.

Vaccination of Staff: Our resident camp staff will be fully vaccinated prior to the start of summer.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations before October 1st = $100 Processing Fee
Cancellations October 1st - January 1st = $250 Cancellation Fee
Cancellations January 1st - April 15th = $500 Cancellation Fee (No refund of deposit)
Payment in full = April 15th - After 4/15 = No refund of deposit or tuition. 
All fees are per camper / per session.
There is no refund of camp fees for dismissal, behavior issues, homesickness, illness or injury. Camp fees are not prorated for late arrivals or early departures.

Cancellations / Refunds due to COVID-19

If we are not allowed to operate this summer or we cancel your session, we will offer a refund or credit for 2022. (Credits from 2020 are not refundable.)

If your child cannot attend or needs to depart camp early due to illness, mandatory quarantine, a positive Covid-19 test or other reason, no refund or credit will be given. Program Protector tuition insurance is available during online enrollment. If you have questions about Program Protector, or want to purchase coverage by phone, please call Customer Service for Program Protector (833-297-2258). Please note: Parents may choose not to purchase insurance or to purchase insurance from any company. Typically, you can purchase insurance prior to payment in full on April 15th but not after.