COVID-19 Information

We are committed to running a quality program focused on the physical and emotional health of our campers and staff. The guidelines and recommendations established by the American Camp Association, the Centers for Disease Control, state officials and our local health department will serve as the framework for our safety protocols, including COVID.

As always, we rely on parents to ensure that campers are healthy before they travel to camp. We ask that you make common-sense decisions and limit potential exposures in the week prior to your child’s arrival. This includes exposure to COVID, Flu, Norovirus and other contagious illness. Upon arrival at camp we will conduct a health screening including temperature check and exposure questions.

Vaccination: Covid vaccination is required for all campers and staff. 

COVID Testing: In 2022. we required results of a negative COVID-19 at-home antigen test obtained the morning of arrival to camp to be presented on Opening Day. Additionally, in an effort to ensure there are no unidentified COVID cases at camp, our healthcare staff conducted a COVID-19 antigen test for all campers and staff on the Tuesday after arrival. Testing protocols for 2023 will be determined closer to the start of the summer season.

Health Services: Healthcare staff conduct daily screenings to assess for illness. CDC guidance for isolation and quarantine of sick campers and those with exposure or suspected or confirmed COVID infection, will be followed.

Positive COVID Test Results:  While at camp, any camper who tests positive for COVID will be isolated from other campers and will need to be picked up from camp as soon as possible and not later than within 24 hours. (Parents are required to have an emergency contact who is within 6 hours from camp.) The camper may return to camp after five days if symptoms have resolved and they have a negative COVID antigen test.

Masking: While we do not anticipate camp-wide masking requirements, there are some instances where masks may be required.

Program: Program modifications may be made as needed based on current guidance from the American Camps Association, the CDC and our local health department.


Cancellation Policy

If your child does not attend, arrives late or departs early due to illness, injury, quarantine, a positive Covid-19 test, parent concerns, or for any other reason, no refund or credit will be given. Program Protector tuition insurance is available during online enrollment. If you have questions about Program Protector, please call Customer Service for Program Protector (833-297-2258). Walton's Grizzly Lodge is not affiliated with Program Protector other than providing this insurance option. 

Please see our full cancellation policy outlined on the Dates and Rates page.