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CILT Program

The CILT Program and Beyond

Our Regular Program is for new and returning campers 7 – 14 years old. If your child attended Walton's Grizzly Lodge last summer, turns 15 before June 15th and will have completed the 9th grade, he or she may be invited to apply for our CILT Program (Camper in Leadership Training). Letters of invitation, along with information about how to apply, are mailed September 1st

The CILT Program is a two-year program. First Year CILTs must turn 15 years old by June 15th and have completed the 9th grade. Second Year CILTs must have completed the first-year CILT Program. CILTs receive a 10% tuition discount. Special privileges are given to CILTs including first choice of activities, time at the Staff House and a special CILT Day Out.

Personal Appearance Policy: As role models for younger children we expect CILTs to present a wholesome image. CILTs will maintain a clean, neat and well-groomed appearance. Small ear, nose and naval piercings only. Clothing should be modest and appropriate for a children’s summer camp. We reserve the right to determine standards for presenting a wholesome image and may add specific expectations as needed. If you have questions about these expectations, please call to discuss.

This is a Select Program and availability is very limited. There are a maximum of 14 CILTs per session (7 male / 7 female). There is no guarantee of placement in this program. Campers must receive a letter of invitation before applying.

My child has completed the two-year CILT Program. What’s next?

Your child might consider applying for our Outdoor Adventure Program. This is a select backpacking program for 12 -17 year old campers who show leadership potential and are ready to handle the rigors of this adventurous week in the outdoors. (Participants do not have to have been in the CILT Program to apply for the Outdoor Adventure Program.) Please see the Outdoor Adventure Program page for more information. 

The other option is for your child to take a gap year away from Walton’s. As hard as this is for many campers to consider, we find this can be a positive experience.

What are the requirements to be a COUNSELOR at Walton’s Grizzly Lodge?


            18 years or older by June 15th

            Completed at least one year of college

            Available to work all summer

Assistant Counselors

            18 years or older by June 15th

            Completed the two-year CILT Program

            High School Graduate

            Available to work at least one session

We begin accepting Counselor and Assistant Counselor applications January 1st.

Note: Applicants may apply from our website (Staff - Employment Opportunities).